My journey through mental illness

When you think of someone who has a mental illness, you automatically think “crazy person”. Well I have a mental illness and I AM NOT CRAZY! I have suffered from anxiety and depression for 16years.

I am a mother and a wife and I am currently on medication for severe anxiety and depression. After my 2nd son Ben was born I had a complete mental breakdown,where I ended up with an appointment at a psychiatric hospital. Within the last year I have slowly allowed myself to find my happy place.


I wish my husband could understand those 7 rules. My husband thinks that with time things will get better. He didn’t understand me.

I believe that with all my heart ❤

When I discovered Social Media, doors opened up for me! I came out of my shell so to speak. I am finally able to be Me! To be happy with who I am and for my boys to have their mother.

The poppies from my garden help me to be in my happy place.

Never suffer in silence, you are not alone.


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